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Highlander Fiction and Discussion

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We are your Evil Tyrant Dictators Friendly Community Owners, Em, Sonia and Pat, aka evildrem, lastrega, pat_t, and we look forward to chatting with you about our mutual obsession.

highlander_lj is a community for talking about, fantasising about, writing about, speculating about, Highlander the Series, its universe, characters, stories, fanfiction, and fandom. No pairing privileged or forbidden, slash biased, but not exclusive. Actor news is welcome.

A Few Guidelines to Happiness on highlander_lj

By joining the community, you state that you're an adult and responsible for your own reading choices.

Trespassers, trolls and idiots will be lightly humiliated until a rosy pink.

Clothing optional.

Fic postings go completely under an lj-cut. Header info on the outside only, thanks! Same goes for images, whack 'em under a cut and we'll all be happy.

And if you're looking for rps, you won't find it on highlander_lj. Go see the girls at highlander_rps instead.

Story discussion is allowed and encouraged, but all discussion should remain constructive and story-focused. Story discussions will not be friends-locked, but only people with lj accounts may comment in the discussion. No anons, no sock puppets.

Don't bring up stories you hate, we'd rather talk about stories you enjoyed or at least found interesting, compelling or worthwhile in some way. The good!fic of the world needs your attention!

Story discussion is not a license to flame writers or reviewers. No insults, name-calling or other such juvenile crap that will make evildrem put on the Giant Modly Boots O'Doom and stomp on you.

Participants in discussions should be prepared for others to politely disagree with their opinions at times. Friendly debate is a Good Thing. Coming to e-blows over a piece of fiction is not. Tone is important.

Be prepared to support your opinions. Whinging about how the writer's (or another reviewer's) view of a character is all wrong without backing such statements up with a sensible argument is not useful criticism. Comparing writers to each other in the style of 'X is a great and why can't Y be more like them?' is childish and any descent into 'but you're just wrong and evil' or 'I outgrew such opinions when I was 12, when you grow up you'll agree with me' type arguments will result in a severe stomping.

The mods are the only ones who get to tell anyone, 'You're wrong. Go away.'

Personal attacks on authors will not be tolerated. We really can't stress this highly enough. Any attempt to turn the discussion into a diatribe against any particular writer for their choice of subject/behaviour within fandom/alleged cruelty to small furry animals/insults to your family/sexual depravity* will result in widespread mocking and pointing.

*Unless you have pictures of said sexual depravity, in which case if you post them the mods may forgive you.

And speaking of sexual depravity, all NC17 material, anything non-worksafe, graphics, and all things long (including Methos' schlong) go under an lj-cut. If you don't know how to do that, please ask and someone will help you.

Self-pimpage, ie: pushing your own stories forward for discussion, is lame, as is introducing your OCs into the discussion as if they're part of the canon we all should know. Lame and liable to end in embarrassing silences. Just don't. We'll all be happier for it.

If you're a writer and your story is being discussed…congratulations. Your story has obviously appealed to a number of very smart people, who would now like to talk about it. You're not obligated to reply to any comments, and any replies you do make are subject to the same rules as everyone else.

The point of this is to have fun. If it's not fun, then possibly we're not doing it right.

We are affiliated with the utterly spangly:

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Would you like your Highlander community to be affiliated with ours? Email us!

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Finding entries here is easy, thanks to tags. Entries here are organised in the following categories, so you can just click on what you're interested in. Or go direct to our list of tags.

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